‘Are You Experienced’– the 50th Anniversary of Jimi Hendrix’s Debut Album

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May 14, 2017

Memorabilia Wanted – Jimi Hendrix

In honor of the 50th Anniversary of the great Jimi Hendrix, we would like to have a memorabilia auction. We are hoping Bob who did the Dead Sara, and Grateful Dead posters for us can find something in his trove of artwork, bur if you have any Jimi Hendrix memorabilia you would like to sell please contact us.

Have any Karl Ferris photo’s album covers? We are currently negotiating on a few Karl Ferris properties for an auction (don’t know if we will get them but check back over the next few weeks if you are interested – we might just land some Karl Ferris / Jimi Hendrix memorabilia.)

Karl Ferris is known as “the Innovator of Psychedelic Photography” specializing in Album covers. He was the personal photographer/designer to Jimi Hendrix & Donovan, and shot the covers of Hendrix’s “Are You Experienced” album and Donvan’s “A Gift From a Flower to a Garden” box set. He took some of the most unforgettable photographs of the 1960’s including 8 album covers in 1967, as well as being commissioned to do a multitude of prominent concert posters and magazine features. He also received the compliment of a lifetime when Hendrix remarked to him, on seeing his portfolio, “You’re doing with photography what I’m doing with music – going far out beyond the limits.” (From: http://www.rockstargallery.net/karl-ferris )

Jimi Hendrix is considered probably the greatest Rock guitarist ever (next to Dead Sara’s Siouxsie Medley of course!)

If you are young and unfortunate enough to have never heard of Jimi Hendrix, check out Jimi Hendrix on Spotify below and read about him on Wikipedia (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jimi_Hendrix)

James MarshallJimiHendrix (born Johnny Allen Hendrix; November 27, 1942 – September 18, 1970) was an American rock guitarist, singer, and songwriter. Although his mainstream career spanned only four years, he is widely regarded as one of the most influential electric guitarists in the history of popular music, and one of the most celebrated musicians of the 20th century. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame describes him as “arguably the greatest instrumentalist in the history of rock music”.[1]

Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix

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