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Josephine Pennington
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August 10, 2017

Are you an artist or band with a significant fan base? Contact us about doing a poster auction or other memorabilia auction for you.

Our Poster auctions:

  • Are 100% financed – requires no money out of your pocket. Both the artist and our site are paid on a commission basis. We cover all upfront fees for artwork, materials, postage & handling
  • Use the latest high tech to maximize profits for you. We collect and distribute money to you and the artists.
  • You will get an original designed high quality Limited Edition Poster for the auction.

To qualify for a 100% financed poster auction – you or your band must have:

  • A significant database of super fans (fans that buy everything you do) – emails are best but if you have a large social media account with responsive fans, this may also work.
  • The ability to sign each limited edition poster sold in the poster auction and ship to your fans (we will give you additional money to cover shipping and handling).
  • A desire to further monetize your database.

Note: after the poster auction or poster auctions are finished, we can also supply you with posters you can sell and autograph on the road while touring.

We can do private auctions (that no one can see but you and your fans) and public auctions that anyone can see.

Interested parties please contact us here for further information.

NOTE: Sorry this is a select process. We cannot just do this for anyone. You must have a significant fanbase and our artist must feel they can produce artwork that is consistent with your image and fanbase.

Here are some sample posters that have been auctioned off publicly and privately.

On the top 3 Posters below the artist is the Renowned Bob Masse who has been doing posters of famous rock bands since the 60’s.

On the bottom 3 Posters below is another well respected artist – Robert Bryan – who can do a variety of poster styles.


Bob Masse Greatful Dead Commemorative Poster 2017 Bob Masse Dead Sara Black And White Poster 2016  Bob Masse Dead Sara Full Color Poster 2017
Robert Bryan Burning Spider Poster 2017 Poster Auction


Robert Bryan DJ cMx Poster 2017 Poster Auction Robert Bryan G.H. Hat Poster 2016 Poster Auction

Poster Auction Samples aboVE

We have other MONETIZATION optimizations for qualifying bands/artists such as:

  • Fanbase merchandising optimization
  • Streaming income optimization
  • Touring income optimization
  • Sales income optimization (ITunes and other stores)

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